Huawei Sound Joy 30W Wireless Speaker - Green

Free the Music
Ready for Travel
Experience the sound of freedom with HUAWEI Sound Joy. Take a hold of the handy strap, put the ultra-portable design in your backpack or cycle bottle cage, and get ready for a new adventure in music.

Stylish Design
Choose from 2 ready-for-anything colours: Obsidian Black and Spruce Green.

The Glow Flow
Light up your favourite tunes with the multi-colour ring on HUAWEI Sound Joy. See the volume level and track battery life according to the fullness of the ring.

Made of the Right Stuff
The special woven fabric encasing HUAWEI Sound Joy offers a standout, dynamic look and ensures a more comfortable touch. It also provides robust, rugged protection for all your outdoor excursions, and more importantly, lets sounds resonate as they’re meant to be heard.

Certified to IP67 water resistance, HUAWEI Sound Joy can withstand just about any weather conditions you can throw at it, as well as staying protected in up to 1 metre of water.

Hear the Sound Resound with Devialet

Go Bigger on Sound
HUAWEI Sound Joy features a loud 79 dBA @ 2 m Devialet 2-way speaker system and Devialet SAM technology for aligning the signal and acoustic output pressure. The full-frequency speaker's powerful bass and the tweeter's singing treble fill every corner of the party.

High Highs, Low Lows

20 W Carbon-Fibre Combined Diaphragm
The 20 W full-frequency speaker employs specially engineered carbon-fibre diaphragm to help bass frequencies as low as 50 Hz (-10 dB) resound more fully.

Symmetrically Loaded Passive Radiator
The dual 'push-push' passive radiator further enhances low-frequency sensitivity and extension, with a maximum excursion of up to 16 mm,7 providing better device stability, and ensuring your music is clean and low-noise even at high volumes.

10 W Silk Dome Tweeter
Tuned by Devialet for exceptional clarity even at very high volume, the silk-dome 10 W tweeter offers frequencies up to 20 kHz (-10 dB).

Give More Life to Your Music

Play the
Long Song
Keep the music going, no matter how far you travel, with 26 hours' continuous Bluetooth playback2 from a single charge of the large 8,800 mAh battery

Move Fast, Charge Faster
40 W super-fast charging9 lets you power up on the fly, for a whole hour of playback from a short 10-minute charge

The Joy from Bluetooth 5.2
The Bluetoothe 5.2 generates higher sound quality, as well as lower power consumption and latency.

Stereo Sound
in a Shake
Let two become one by simply shaking HUAWEI Sound Joy for automatic pairing,
and achieve stereo sound for a more immersive music experience.

One-Touch Transfer
Make music switching a cinch by touching your phone to HUAWEI Sound Joy to instantly transfer your track11, and never drop a beat.

Automatic Discovery
Enjoy almost instantaneous connections with your devices via the Auto-discovery feature12. Just bring your phone, tablet, or laptop near HUAWEI Sound Joy, and tap the pop-up window on your device to connect. Get bigger, better sound when you're making calls, gaming, or sitting back to watch a movie.

HUAWEI Watch Control
Get your HUAWEI Watch in on the action too. Once paired, you can control the volume and skip tracks as easily as lifting your wrist.

Voice Assistant Pod
Press the voice assistant button to activate your phone's smart voice assistant for memos, reminders, information inquiries, and more.