MiTEC Miview II Video Doorbell + Auxiliary Ringer
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MiTEC Miview II Video Doorbell + Auxiliary Ringer

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View your doorspace in full HD. Protect your home and make life easier with the new MiTEC MiVIEW Video Doorbell II. Receive instant alerts when you have visitors to your home as they press the doorbell or trigger the built-in motion sensors. Use the free app to enable you to see and interact with your visitors from your smartphone, tablet or your computer. The in-built motion sensors can be customised so you'll always receive an alert. The MiTEC MiView Video Doorbell II is fit for all weather and has infrared night vision to enable you to monitor your home right round the clock in whatever conditions. In addition to this, the doorbell also features free cloud recording, giving you more space for any video clips saved to the device. The MiView II also comes equip with a bell chime so you can hear the door anywhere in your home. The MiTEC MiView Video Doorbell II features IP64 weather resistant casing, meaning come rain, sleet or snow your electronic doorbell can resist the elements. The device also features high battery performance, giving you up to 6 months power!