Playbrush Smart Children's Toothbrush - Blue

For many families often play brush converts a stressful, everyday routine in an exciting adventure. This connects play brush smart on attachment for the normal toothbrush - with different play in the play brush app. While the game is active with the own Cleanig action is controlled, the app incentives to comply with the recommended cleaning time and a correct speed, as well as all tooth sides equally well to brush. But also their parents can with the help of the Software, statistics to speed, duration, frequency and time of the putzens easily on the smartphone or tablet view and your help children to continuously improve your plaster behavior. For children from 3 years, particularly suitable from 6 years! Fits on commercially available toothbrushes
Connects with unique software (play brush app) for iOS and Android
Attachment measures speed, time, regularity and plaster accuracy via the App