4-OK Capa Cover 4U for Huawei P20 - Flores
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4-OK Capa Cover 4U for Huawei P20 - Flores

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Discover our collection of transparent covers with these colorful exclusive designs that we have created just for you.
we have designed this collection with special attention to its integration with the design of each smartphone so you can see the design of your phone while adding a fun personal touch. For this we have used covers of hybrid manufacturing, a technology that allows us to combine two materials to offer a firm backside and crystal clear transparency, but with flexible edges that cover the entire frame of the smartphone while allowing to put and remove the case with the minimum effort. In addition, we have designed the designs for each Smartphone, placing the elements to measure and with great care so that they do not block or are cut abruptly with the holes of the camera, fingerprint reader, etc.

We hope you like them and find among our designs a COVER FOR YOU.