EPOS|SENNHEISER GSP 370 Wireless Gaming Headset - Black

The GSP 370 wireless gaming headset delivers reliable, lag-free audio with up to 100 hours of play on a single charge. Personalize your game audio through the EPOS Gaming Suite with 7.1 digital surround sound processing. The headset features a microphone with a lift-to-mute flexible boom arm and high wearing comfort.

Tweak the audio to achieve excellence on the field of battle
Put on your wireless GSP 670 or GSP 370 gaming headset or use the GSX 300 external sound card to listen to the difference in the sound as you tweak the audio settings in the EPOS Gaming Suite*.

We developed the EPOS Gaming Suite to provide you with control over your game audio. With a full equalizer, noise control settings, microphone tuning, surround sound settings and more, explore all possibilities and customize your sound to create your perfect audio experience.

EPOS Surround
Proprietary 7.1 surround sound engineered by EPOS

Integrated volume wheel on the ear cup
Quick, intuitive volume adjustment synched with Windows 10

Charge while playing
Continue gaming while charging the headset with the included USB cable

Multi-platform compatible
Works on PC, Mac®, PS5® and PS4® (7.1 Surround only on PC)

Up to 100 gaming hours of pure audio on a single charge
Lag-free low-latency connection
EPOS Gaming Suite for audio customization
Ergonomic design for fit and comfort
Microphone with flexible, lift-to-mute boom arm