Google Nest Cam Indoor (wired) - White

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Nest Cam tells you more about what’s going on inside.

Better phone alerts, built in.
Did the dog walker close the door? Have your guests arrived? Nest Cam gives you different alerts for different types of activity.

Know what's happening, 24/7.
Check up on things, talk to people who you care about and see a fuller picture in clear 1080p HD video – day or night.

With three hours of free event video history, you can go back and see what happened. Plus, you can save and share clips too.

Check on your house and respond to unexpected events with the built-in speaker and mic, all through the Google Home app.

HDR helps you to see details in bright, high-contrast sunlight and Night Vision gives you a clear picture in low light and darkness.

Nest Cam gives you a 135° diagonal field of view, so you can see a fuller picture.

Your video is safer with Google.
With Nest Cam, your privacy comes first. Feel safe knowing that your information is protected using advanced security.

Enhanced security with a Google Account.
Get automatic protection and tools like suspicious activity detection, Security Check-Up and two-step verification.

Always know when it's active.
The green status LED light lets you know when the camera is processing or streaming video.

Safe and secure video.
Your camera's video is protected by AES 128-bit video encryption.

Automatically turn your camera on or off.
Home and Away routines can turn your camera off when you're at home so that no video is streamed or recorded until you leave.