Huawei FreeLace Pro Wireless EarBuds - Graphite Black

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Dual active noise reduction
Two high-sensitivity microphones are used to pick up the environmental noise inside and outside the ear respectively, and the 14mm large dynamic coil unit with strong low frequency can accurately generate noise-reducing waves to attenuate external noise. Outstanding noise reduction performance allows you to enjoy pure music no matter where you are.

Ambient sound transmission
Long touch the left earphone to switch the transmission mode, you can hear the surrounding environment sound, so that you can pay attention to environmental changes at any time, and you can communicate freely with people around you.

Professional audio team tuning
Exquisite sound quality restores pure and beautiful sound. The aluminum-magnesium alloy dome enhances the mid- and high-frequency response capabilities, the treble is delicate and comfortable, the mid-range is clear and distinct, and the full and clear sound quality makes the pleasant experience always available.

24 hours long battery life
It breaks through the imagination of the battery life of the neck-worn Bluetooth headset once again. The playback time can be as long as 24 hours.

14mm large dynamic coil unit, surging power, more powerful drums
The 14 mm large moving coil unit cooperates with the independent low-frequency sound tube to form a resonance effect, giving the bass a surging power and the drums more vibrant. The high-dynamic aluminum-magnesium alloy diaphragm significantly improves the response ability of the middle and high-frequency audio, the vocal level is distinct, and the instrument is clear and transparent.