Juice 15W MagTec Magnetic 1m Charging Cable - White

The Juice MagTec charging cable for iPhone 12 and 13, paves the way for the future of the fast wireless charging – MagTec!

Who has time for cables? Simply place the charging pad on the back of your iPhone 12 or 13 and wait for the magnetic rings to align, then release once you feel the pad lock to the phone and enjoy wireless fast charging.

Be warned, magnet lock-on is addictive.

Wireless Charger with 1.2m Type-C Cable
Requires 20W UCB Type-C Plug
One Year Warranty

Magnetic connection for iPhone 12 and 13
Input: DC5V/3A, 9V/2.22A, 12V/1.67A
Qi Compatible for older iPhone and Samsung Models