TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip 3-Outlets - White

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With 3 smart outlets that can be separately managed and 2 always-on USB ports, Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip meets your diverse needs. You can turn devices on/off, check status, create schedules and set timers using the Kasa app. With surge protection, it can shield sensitive electronics and appliances from sudden power surges and spikes. Add voice control to any electronic device by pairing with Alexa, Google Assistant and SmartThings.

3 Smart Outlets + 2 USB Ports – Supports 5 appliances simultaneously with 3 independently controllable smart outlets and 2 always-on USB ports. Ideal for charging devices in the home and office.

Schedule and Timer with Remote Access - Schedule/Timer the smart plug to automatically power electronics on and off as needed. Control devices connected to the Smart Plug wherever you use the free Kasa app on your phone.

Surge protection shields sensitive electronics and appliances from sudden electrical surges and spikes, including those caused by lightning or short circuits. Keep your devices safe during thunderstorms.

Smart Actions – Enable device interconnections and home automation for your Kasa devices. There are three types of Actions that can be created: Motion Sensing, Schedule a Scene and Auto-off Timer.